Mom U

Mom U is a ministry aimed at encouraging Moms to walk with Jesus in their motherhood. We believe that when a momma walks with Jesus she can become UNTIED from the destructive tethers of sin, and shame. We believe that as a momma walks with Jesus she can embrace the fullness of her UNIQUE design. And we believe that as a momma walks with Jesus her unique qualities mesh with the qualities of others in a dynamic pulsating exchange that is bathed in love. She becomes UNIFIED with others and sees her design vibrantly used! Mom U believes that a walk with Jesus makes us better moms! It gives us identity, wisdom, and joyful purpose in the mundane. Motherhood can be hard, but a group of women aimed at building each other up can help us keep going! Help us create a mom culture that inspires us to embrace difference, void comparison, and champion each other to victory!

Mom U: Untied. Unique. Unified.
Perks of Membership:

  • Discounts at events
  • Weekly online encouragement
  • Invitation to Moms nights out
  • Discounts on cool Mom U swag
  • Access to our prayer warriors
  • A team of women to cheer you on!

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